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Build Readership for your Newly Created Blog


Do you have a blog, but don’t have visitors who can read your article. I know that your you’re a good article writer.

But, why to write when you don’t have any visitors on your blog.

If no one can read it then why you are wasting your time.

In this article i will give you some tips on how to attract visitors on your newly created blog easily in no time.

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How to get traffic to a website

Write Good Content

content is king

Always write good content, as people don’t want to waste their time. Your content should be useful and stick to the point.

Otherwise, you will lose your Readers as their are plenty of blogs on the Internet.

So, try to write good content and don’t copy content from any blog and if you do so, it can result in ban of your blog and it could be de indexed by Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Proper SEO is very important for the Growth of your Blog.

If you will not do proper SEO then your blog will not get listed at the top of Google and you can’t attract Search engine traffic to your blog which is very important for your blog.

There are 2 types of SEO Techniques, On page and Off page SEO. Both are equally important for your blog.

On page SEO includes techniques like keyword research, Image optimization, anchor text optimization, using proper title tags, using keywords in your posts etc.

Off page SEO includes Blog commenting, directory submission, article submission, search engine submission and much more.

Using Social Media Sites

Don’t only depend on google for your traffic, Anytime google can release an update and if your blog is not going according to that update then your blog traffic will be ruined.

So, build a presence in Social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, pinterest, Twitter and much more.

You can also use facebook groups to get traffic. For me, this is the best way to get traffic.

I get 70% of my Traffic from Facebook.

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I recommend you to regularly use these sites and build your presence on social networking sites as you can get thousand of traffic from these only.

Using Social Bookmarking Sites

You can also use Sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, etc as you can Get your targeted traffic from these Sites and by using these sites you can also gain knowledge from other’s post as other members also bookmark their blogs on these Sites.

Forums under your Niche

You can also use forums to get backlinks and high traffic to your blog.

Some of the best forums to use are warriorforums, CNET forums, webmasters forums, etc.

If you want your site for long run then using these forums is recommending as they are ultimate source of traffic for your blog and you will also get backlinks to your blog using these forums which are dofollow.

Last words

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog that we can’t list here as we also don’t use them but don’t worry we will come up with more ways to get traffic to your blog in future, so stay tuned and keep liking and commenting on our posts.

I Hope you have liked this article if you have any doubt or do you know any other way to get traffic to your blog then Must Comment Below.

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