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Want To Know How To Make Money Online?


Do you know the best ways to make money online?

some people think that this is a piece of cake and they can easily make money online, today at my school one of my friends asked me about blogging, and i told many things about it like what is a blog,

how to maintain a blog, how to make money online etc.

Reasons of Failure among Newbie Bloggers

and had taken 30 minutes or more for describing about blogging, and suddenly he said,

yeah blogging is very easy and it is the easiest way to earn and what to say next, i just ended up the conversation.

So, Today i am going to tell you some things you can use to make money online, this is a surefire way you can use to make money online.

I think that you all know these ways, but are you using these? you will get the answer in the lines below.

Getting Started

Well, Frankly speaking there is no rocket science you can use to make money online.

There are several things you need to follow for a period of time and you will definitely start with making money online.

If you cannot do hard work, then this post is not for you, quit reading this post.

If you are a hard worker then carry on reading, and don’t expect any money from your blog if you are a newbie, and don’t have any knowledge about blogging.

So here we starts, these things you can follow to make money online(Some methods also included) 

Best ways to Earn money from Facebook Easily

Learn Blogging and SEO

Blogging – A great way to Earn money online, to become a good blogger you need to learn some techniques like search engine optimization, content marketing, understanding social media and many more.

This is the main problem, a newbie faces and leave blogging if he don’t have interest to learn seo.

If you got these techniques, you will definitely get a taste of your online earnings in some time but before earnings you have to implement these methods.

The main reason of Failure among newbie blogger is they didn’t learned seo and cannot survive for long run.

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog, many people find most difficulty in choosing the niche to blog about, most of the people start with tech niche or blogging niche and get disapointed because they are not able to earn from it.

Don’t think that if the other person is earning with blog under blogging/seo niche then you are also going to earn with it, choose your niche wisely, only choose the topic which you are well aware about and have passion in it.

You need to choose a reliable hosting for your blog, which is cheap, awesome and have good support, i will prefer hostgator hosting for you.

If you want to start blogging prefer these articles:-

Read these guides carefully to get to know the basics about seo and blogging and start your blog to earn money online.

Getting traffic to your blog

Getting traffic to your blog is directly proportional to earnings, but the traffic you are targeting should have interest in your blog, otherwise he will visit your blog one time and then he will leave it.

Enstine muki did a post on his blog – Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong! 

I recommend each and everyone of you to read this article, and you will get to know in what way you are going wrong in driving traffic and increasing your sales.

So come to the point, how to drive traffic to your blog? i mean “driving targeted traffic” you can follow several strategies to drive traffic to your blog, you can use facebook, google+, linkedin, stumbleupon, reddit.

search engines and there are many more ways to drive traffic. Read these guides if you want to drive huge targeted traffic to your blog:-

Now i think you got some idea, about getting traffic, i hope that you will use these in write way and you will definitely win the battle to earn money online, but remember traffic is not the only thing to earn, carry on reading on you will get to know how to earn.

Money Factor – Earnings

Now coming to the earning money part  it’s not easy to earn money online, but yeah some people who are working hard but still can’t earn money online can use these methods and earn money online easily.

There are several ways of earning money too, some are general which is all set on auto pilot, and for some methods you have to work as you get order, so here we start.

Ad Networks

There are several ad networks which pay you for using their ads on your blog, each and every ad network have their different policies like some pay for clicks, some pay for ad impressions, some pay for an action from the buyer after going to that ad page and there are several others, the best ad network is Google Adsense but getting Google Adsense approval is not that easy, you need to make your blog good to get Google Adsense Approval easily.

If Google adsense is not approving you then don’t worry, there are several other ad networks you can use to monetize your blog+there are several more methods you can use to make money online.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, a very good way to earn money online, requires good amount of hard work also, but it can also be done on auto pilot mode, if you are good at SEO, or else youtube seo.

If you are good at seo and can rank particular keyword related to your post which you have done to get some sales, then definitely you will get some search engine traffic to that post, and as we all know search engine traffic converts like crazy,

so you will definitely get good amount of sales. Read this guide form Harsh Aggarwal about what is affiliate marketing and FAQ’s, Get to know about affiliate marketing and try your hands in it and don’t get upset, if you will not success in the first chance then there are still second, third……. and many more chances are there, just don’t give up and you will definitely get success in Affiliate marketing. 

Building facebook fan base also results in good sales in affiliate marketing, you should give it a try, actually not facebook but you should experiment with all the social networking sites.

Offer a Service

If you have a blog with good readership, a good fan base, and you are not using any other methods or if you are good in anything then you can create a page about it on your blog and get the clients rolling in.

You can check my page from where you can Hire me. Offer such services in which you have good experience, otherwise the client who have taken your service will not want to get served by you later.

If you find it difficult to maintain a blog, so there are several other platforms you should use to get good number of clients.

You can use sites like Fiverr and SEOClerks, optimize your gigs in a good way and you will definitely get good number of customers.

Up to you

There are several more methods you can use to make money online, don’t forget to comment your method to make money online in the comment section below.

I don’t know what pro bloggers use to make money online, or i think they also uses these methods but their strategies and techniques are different or else they are applying what they know in a good way and doing hard work on it, that’s why they are earning more and more.

Do you think that making money online is a task which is impossible? Then you have to read this income report, harsh aggarwal just published this on his blog, Income report of july 2020 of shoutmeloud.

You will definitely get some inspiration after reading this income report.

Remember one think it will take some time for your blog to be build, and generating some income in the online world, don’t think that it is very easy and you will start generating money from the very first day of starting your blog, always do your duty, without concentrating on results, you will definitely get sweet fruits for your hard work in some time.

I hope that these ideas to make money online will be helpful for you. Thank you for Reading this post, if you have any doubts, queries or suggestion or any methods you are using to make money online then share it below.