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Basic SEO Tutorial for beginners – Ultimate Guide


Are you familiar with your blog seo, are you doing it right to get more organic traffic?

If not then how to use seo for your blog to get most out of the search engines.

In this article you will learn what is search engine optimization and basic tips to seo optimize your blog.

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What is SEO?

SEO also known as search engine optimization is the process of  increasing visitors from search engines to your blog.

If you will do proper seo then there is more chance to get organic traffic to your blog.

Basic SEO Tips

There are many tactics pro blogger’s are using to seo optimize their blog to get on the first page of search engines and get highly targeted traffic to your blog.

Some basic seo tips are mentioned below in this post.

Their are 2 types of SEO that are On page seo and off page seo.

On page SEO Includes Optimizing your blog post during writing for search engines and off page seo includes optimizing your post later by doing link building which is more important.

Keyword Research

Do proper keyword research, their are many tools to do keyword research but i will prefer you to use google keyword tool to find some good keywords.

For doing keyword research go to adwords keyword planner and then search for a keyword like you are searching for ‘SEO Tutorial‘ then try to find the keywords which have more monthly searches and have less competition.

You can see an example in the below image. Try to find similar keywords with more searches and less competition.

You can also see in the above image that i searched for seo tutorial and there are some similar keywords like ‘What is seo’ which has good monthly searches and competition is low.

You can also use these keywords in your blog posts.

Where to use keywords?

Now you are thinking where to use these keywords, you can use these keywords in your post heading, subheading, starting and ending paragraphs, search description.

Links anchor text, image names and in image alt text. By properly using these keywords you can get high traffic to your blog from search engines.

Meta Description and Keywords

Try to use proper description for each and every post to boost the possibilities to get listed in the search engines.

Meta description should be upto 150 words. Also use keywords to get more traffic from google search and boost rankings.

Content is King

As i always say content really matters, if you don’t have good content then it is difficult to rank your content.

To get best out of your blog then you have to write awesome quality content for which people highly search.

I recommend you to write post with word count of 600 words+ as it is considered as good optimized post by Google and will get rank in less time

Link building

The main part of Search engine optimization is link building, there are many ways of link building like Blog commenting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Guest posting, Article submission and much more.

If you want your blog to get ranked in Google for long time then link building but be aware of natural and unnatural links.

Always try to build links from blog’s under your Niche.

Try to build links with high PR sites having more domain authority and page authority.