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Reasons of Failure among Newbie Bloggers


Do you have a thought to Earn money online and are you a newbie blogger then there is a question which is must always arise in your mind that is 

How can I earn money? which brings disappointment and leads to failure.

Their are many ways to Earn money online like Content writing, sites which pays for ad clicks, URL Shortening and much more but you will not earn much from these instead try Blogging to earn money online.

It will take some time but then you will be able to make your living with your blogging income.

Build Readership for your Newly Created Blog

Many people don’t have to wait, they are so eager to earn money online.

They just copy articles from other’s site and if they fail’s to earn money then they just quit blogging.

In this article you will find reasons that will tell you why you are failing in your blogging career so that you can improve yourself under these points and will get success easily and in less time.

Blogging success

Less Knowledge about Blog’s Niche

Some people open’s blog on Niche like blogging and seo tips which they don’t have knowledge about but they have good knowledge of games.

This is the main reason of blogging failure, try to figure out the topic you like which you think of the whole day, in which you have passion and make it your blog niche and then you will easily able to convert your hard work and knowledge into Money in some span of time.

Some people also say that they have some knowledge about that topic but it is not good to start a blog with having half knowledge as half knowledge is also considered as disaster.

Always blog on topic on which you have good knowledge about.

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Lack of Time

The major problem of almost all newbie blogger’s is Lack of time, ask any blogger who failed and most times he will say that he don’t have much time to manage his blog.

Try to schedule your works and give some time to your blog for link building, blog writing, social media and much more which will bring a lot of visitors engagement to your blog and will bring some readership to your blog.

So take some time out of your busy life to give to your blog.

Lack of Patience

To make your blog famous and earn money from it you have to give some time, from my point of view do not expect a single penny from your blog in the starting 3-4 months, it will take some time to make your blog famous and earn huge money from it.

I know that it is very hard to earn money from a blog as i am also a newbie blogger but it’s not impossible to make money.

If you will do work hard and smart then one day you will get success and will start converting your talent into money.

Bad Writing skills

If you don’t have good writing skills you have to Hire good content writer to write on your blog as content really matters, i always say that Content is King. 

If you want to run your blog for long journey then good content is must.

Lack of promotion

marketing strategies

Not promoting your content and not getting visitors to your blog, this could be an another reason of the turning point of your blogging career, this could end your blogging career.

Promote your content well on Social networking site to get good visitors to your blog, if your blog will have good fan engagement then you will always be happy by their motivating comments.

This could also bring more sales from your blog.

Last Words

At last i would like to say don’t get dissapointed by these things, they are the things you will face in the starting of your blogging career,

once you are successful then no one can stop you from making money online.

Don’t ever quit blogging, do your best for your blog and your blog will also help you to generate some money.