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DU Recorder- Free App That Records Your Screen And Audio


DU Recorder app is compatible with most devices and has a lot of features such as remote control, audio/video recording, screen recording, and an audio recorder.

It can be used to record lectures, meetings, phone conversations, tutorials, and more.

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DU Recorder is a free app that records your screen and audio.

Distinct Traits Of DU Recorder App 

DU Recorder app is a free app that records the screen of your phone or tablet and it has been downloaded by over a million people since its launch in 2014.

This tool is really useful for people who want to record their conversations or lectures for later review or editing purposes.

It’s available for both iOS and Android devices as well as Windows devices like PCs or laptops and the best part about it is that it’s completely free!

Furthermore, the latest version of this is compatible with iOS 11 or later versions as well as Android 5 or later versions on devices with at least 1GB RAM in addition to an SD card slot for saving recordings.

DU Recorder app is one of the most popular screen recording apps available on the market and it offers features such as screen record, voice recorder and more.

This is an application that records both audio and video from your computer’s microphone or webcam, and also supports remote desktop sharing.

The latest version of it is 2.4.6 and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Moreover, this free app available for Android and iOS devices, helps you to record any audio that you hear, so that you can use it later for your projects.

The latest version of DU Recorder app includes the following new features, improved stability of recording with less noise, ability to record from speakerphone, improved audio quality when playing back recordings and some major bug fixes.