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Mangapill: Free Manga Stories for Everyone (UPDATED 2023)


MangaPill is a platform that allows readers to read manga, webtoons, and comics.

It is a website that has an app and it is available in both English and Korean.

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MangaPill has been around since 2013 and they have grown over the years.

Distinct Features of MangaPill 

They are now one of the top 10 manga sites in Korea with over 3 million monthly users.

MangaPill provides readers with a new way to enjoy their favorite comics by reading them on their phones or tablets.

Morover, They also provide an extra service for busy readers by offering instant translations of Korean comics so they can read them without having to download the whole chapter first.

It also has its own content distribution service which allows publishers to upload their manga and webtoons directly to the platform.

The app is available for iOS, Android, Web-browser (desktop), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″.

Mangapill was founded in 2014 by two college students from UC Berkeley who wanted to create a new way for people from all over the world to read comics online without having any restrictions on them such as region or language barriers.

This is a platform that allows readers to read manga, webtoons, and comics for free.

It is different from other platforms because it doesn’t host any content.

Instead, it provides a platform for readers to read and create their own manga and comics.

However, It has been around since 2015 but recently they have become more popular in the US market because of their partnership with Amazon.

The partnership allows them to reach out to more readers through Amazon’s Kindle app.

Mangapill is an interesting platform that has gained popularity in the US market recently through its partnership with Amazon.

The platform offers a unique way of reading manga and webtoons by allowing users to create their own manga and comics on the site.