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How to Root an Android Phone without Computer/PC


Have you ever came over a word called ROOTING? This word may be very much well familiar to most of the techies… but don’t worry in this post I will  give a brief intro about “what is rooting?” and what are the best ways to root any android device without the aid of a PC.

If you’re a android user, then you should install a best antivirus for android.

After reading this article you will be able to root any android device without using PC or computer guys, that’s the best part of this tutorial.  So, let’s start:-

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As we all know that android is an open source OS where you don’t have full root access to to hidden features of the android smartphone devices.

This Rooting process helps to provide full access by removing the limitations to the user.

In other words it gets to the root of the OS and provides ability to create the global changes.

Advantages of rooting an android device:

  • Free Internal Memory – People often face problems with while installing their favourite apps or games due to lack of sufficient internal memory. By Rooting you can be able to transfer games and apps to external SD card.
  • Gets updated to latest Android OS – Many of us feel bad when newer phones gets updated to latest OS and the older phones stays in the older OS.Rooting helps you to install the latest OS and also futures OS by installing custom ROM’s.
  • Customization of ROM’s – This the best and powerful feature in Rooting. In the internet there a hundreds of custom ROM’s available. They can be able to improve the speeding and processing up your device and even you can customize the complete look and feel of the device.

Disadvantages of rooting an android device:

  •  Voiding device’s warranty – Once you root your phone it voids the warranty of the device. This is the only reason stopping many of the users from Rooting.
  • Device gets bricked up – No matter how good you follow the tutorials of rooting device if there’s a single wrong step made then it leads to corrupt zip file. Then device gets bricked, then the device can be just used as a PAPER WEIGHT.


Here in this article, I’m mentioning the best 2 methods everyone can use to root an android phone without the use of computer, PC or Laptop:-

2) By Using Framaroot application to root android devices:

A Framaroot is an application which can be used to root any kind of android device without the use of PC.It was developed by one of the members from XDA forums.

It supports android devices running versions from 2.0 to 4.2.The only thing you have to do is download this application and transfer it your SD card.

  • Download the Framaroot application to your device from this link.
  • If you download it by PC simple transfer the apk file to phone memory. If you download from phone then move it to a separate folder.
  • Install Framaroot from the apk file.
  • Select “Install Super user” option in the Framaroot.
  • Select any one of the exploits that appears in the app and wait from some time.
  • If you see a Success…Superuser and su binary installed like the above image. Then you have to restart your device. After the restart of the device then you will see a message stating that “You have successfully rooted your device”. That’s it you have done rooting of device yourself.

If you see “Failed” message. Then Try selecting another exploit if available. This method sometime fails for some devices, those people can use the second method listed below.

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2) By Using Universal and Root to Root Android Devices:

  •  Before downloading this app head into settings>Applications>click on Unknown sources and save.
  • Download and install the application by clicking this link.
  • Now launch the application on your device and click on Reboot. While doing this don’t forget to select the right android version of your android device.
  • Now your android device is successfully rooted.

Note : If you want to know whether your device is successfully rooted or not, then you need to download Root checker to verify.

“We are not responsible for you Mistakes done in the rooting process. “DO AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

If you’ve any doubts, queries regarding how to root any android device/phone without the use of computer or PC,laptop.

Then, do let us know through the comment section below. Also sometimes, you set a reset code and then forget it,